The Diocese of Colorado Springs has obtained the relics of St. Faustina, St. John Paul II, and Bl. Fr. Michael Sopocko. These relics temporarily reside at St. Patrick Catholic Church until the Divine Mercy Shrine becomes a reality. They are available to travel to parishes and other institutions in the Diocese of Colorado Springs.

If you are interested in having these relics 'visit' your parish, please contact the Divine Mercy Office at



The relic of Saint Faustina is a bone fragment of the saint. The reliquary has the words in Polish for “Jesus, I trust in You!” in a banner under the relic. At the base of the relic is the Coat of Arms for the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy which St Faustina entered in 1926 and in which she lived until her death in 1938.






The relic of Saint John Paul II is a piece of his blood-stained clothing from the day of the assassination attempt, May 13, 1981.  The reliquary has a banner with John Paul’s motto:  “Totus Tuus” referring to the saint’s total consecration to Mary.  At the bottom is the Coat of Arms of his papacy.  He died on Divine Mercy Sunday, 2005.





The relic of Blessed Fr. Michael Sopocko (1888-1975) is a bone fragment of his right arm used to bless and bestow absolution. He met St. Faustina in 1933 and advised her to write the Diary. He also arranged for the original painting of Divine Mercy. Jesus told St. Faustina that, "He is a priest after my own Heart." In 1942, he founded the Sisters of Merciful Jesus.








We of Divine Mercy of the Rockies continue to focus on our three objectives: 1) Promote Jesus’ message of Divine Mercy; 2) Foster mercy in prayers, words, and deeds; and 3) Establish a Shrine and Center for Research and Education to serve the entire Rocky Mountain region.

We were excited earlier this year when the Sisters of the Merciful Jesus – the congregation Jesus told St. Faustina He wanted to be established – accepted Bishop Sheridan’s invitation to found a convent within the Diocese of Colorado Springs. They will beautifully model mercy in prayers, words, and deeds. In anticipation of their arrival, we are actively seeking employment for the Sisters and a suitable location for their convent.

Our most challenging objective will be establishing the Divine Mercy of the Rockies Shrine and Center for Research and Education which we intend to be run by the Sisters.

In the meantime, we are developing a targeted direct-mail campaign to educate and raise awareness of Divine Mercy; exploring the placement of large Divine Mercy roadside signs along high-traffic highways; increasing Home Enthronements of Jesus, the Divine Mercy, as King of Home and Family; promoting and establishing new Divine Mercy Cenacles and prayer groups; translating our website and selected materials into Spanish; and planning our next Pilgrimage to Lithuania and Poland, where we will walk in the footsteps of St. Faustina and Bl. Fr. Sopocko.

While we daily pray that Jesus will guide us in our efforts to more widely promote His message of Divine Mercy, we know He will accomplish this important work primarily through those like you, who share our devotion to Him.

So, we ask you to consider, at this crucial time, making a generous, tax-deductible donation to Divine Mercy of the Rockies. If you can make it a monthly gift, that would help us immensely!

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